Quarantine Crazy

So my brain spins with ideas while we are all stuck here for the duration and while I thought that other than reading a CRAPTON of fic (which I am), I would get some crafting accomplished. To be fair, I’ve had several of these ideas for months but… This hasn’t quite gone the way I expected, apparently the desire from the mind to craft is overruled by the body which is lazy. Also I’ve been sucked into the maelstrom of Chinese fantasy/magical/martial arts costume dramas – I’m looking at you “The Untamed” (which I highly recommend on Netflix or YouTube, personally I find the YouTube subs easier to read but your choice).

I decided to make myself dragon egg pendants in every color – but not to use the ones set aside for the store.  Yay new project!!  I have a gold egg necklace which I made as a prototype for jewelry and a (probably too large – but dammit, it’s my breastbone to bruise) purple one.  But so far that’s all I’ve done.  As of 4/12 I’ve made a green egg!!!!


I have 3 pair of fairy wings that I quilled that I am trying to attach to bodies and make into necklaces.  I have one and a half finished.


I have a purple rose paper earrings and pendant set which need to be assembled, and put the décor and furnishings on (they are already cut and shaped).


I decided to make a quilled necklace for my cousin’s daughter and earrings for my cousin’s wife.  And because the daughter expressed an interest in quilling I’m going to send a package along with the jewelry of a quilling tool, strips, and instruction pamphlet from one of my old kits, but I’m only working on them in like 20 minute sessions before I get distracted.  Finished and ready to be packed and sent!!!!


I had wanted to make beaded candle holders like the Christmas bells that sold so well.


A bunch of crystals have fallen off one of my shirts that need to be replaced. Done!!!!  And repaired a second shirt that I hadn’t planned on!!!


I want to remove the old stripes on my black belt and sew on new ones.  Got the stripes and most of the glue off – so progress!!!


I want to make shell wreaths, flower rings and jewel suncatchers.  Also I have an idea for a quilled and sequined dragon artwork.

AND one of my favorite comic book artists – the most fabulous and amazing Wendy Pini, creator of ElfQuest, put out a coloring book of her art some years ago which was expensive then and is now out of print and even more expensive.  ANYWAY – she put the whole book up for free downloading as a gift to the fans during this whole mess and I have 6+ pencil cases stuffed full of colored pencils.  Yes – I’ve already printed them all out….


Furthermore, I was considering writing some fanfiction which is something I usually only do at the Yuletide Christmas challenge.

Now most of these are future Craft Night projects but still… Writing this and taking photos has simultaneously wiped me out and made me want to work on something.

Where is the chocolate?

Fandom Trumps Hate


COPIED DIRECTLY FROM THE FANLORE WIKI PAGE https://fanlore.org/wiki/Fandom_Trumps_Hate

is a Tumblr-based multifandom auction created as a response to the 2016 United States presidential election. The community raises money for progressive charities through annual auctions of fanfic, fanart, podfic, beta reading, and other fan-related activities.

What is it?
An online fanfic/fanart auction to benefit a variety of organizations helping populations targeted by Trump and his administration. (Such as the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Trans Lifeline, and the National Immigrant Justice Center.)

How does it work?
Authors and artists will sign up to offer their work at auction. The winner will donate their winning bid amount to one of the charities listed below, then send the author/artist email proof of their charitable donation. Once we know you’ve donated, the author/artist will get to work on your item!

Three days after the 2016 United States presidential election, bamfinacuddlyjumper posted on their personal Tumblr: “Could we plan some sort of fic/art charity auction? Proceeds to benefit the ACLU/PP/Trevor Project/other groups working to protect us?” The post received around two hundred notes, and prompted the creation of the official Fandom Trumps Hate Tumblr.

Creator sign-ups ended on December 31, 2016, at which point FTH reported that they would be offering over 700 auctions. At the start of bidding, 544 contributor pages had been listed, offering auctions in over four hundred fandoms, with more contributor pages to be listed. Ultimately, auctions were offered in over five hundred fandoms by over five hundred creators.

By the end of the auction, $24,851 had been pledged by winning bidders, and some creators opted to offer fanworks to the second-highest bidder in their auctions On February 6, 2017, FTH announced that they had raised a total $32,002.85, and that the auction would return in 2018.

In its second year, the organizers of Fandom Trumps Hate announced several changes to the auction structure, including a newly imposed limit of three auctions per creator. Additionally, creators could only offer auctions in up to three fandoms. In response to delayed or incomplete fanworks from the 2017 auction, FTH also announced that all fanworks created for the 2018 auction must be completed by November 15, 2018.
Once again, creators could select from a list of supported charities, or opt to let the winning bidder choose their prefered charity. Nineteen charities were supported through Fandom Trumps Hate 2018.

At the end of the 2018 auction, FTH announced that almost $14,000 was pledged by the winning bidders, and a total of $18,536.43 was donated through Fandom Trumps Hate 2018; the organizers also announced that Fandom Trumps Hate would return for a third year.

Fandom Trumps Hate has had a continuing impact, inspiring other fandom auctions. After Fandom Trumps Hate 2018, FTH offered to share materials with others who might be interested in developing a fandom-specific charity auction. Fandom Loves Puerto Rico, a Dreamwidth-based charity auction in response to the devastation of Hurricane Maria cited Fandom Trumps Hate as one of their antecedents in their launch post.

This year they are opening the auction to fan crafters – so I’m using this blog as both a stall to show my goods and an advertisement for the auction.

FTH Fan Crafts Bazaar! https://fandomtrumpshate.tumblr.com/
Buyers are to donate directly to one of our organizations and send proof of their donation.

———–THE STALL————

Please contact me at azhreia@comcast.net

My fandoms are Marvel, DC, SPN, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter

I do quilling (paper art) and can make most superhero logos as earrings, pendants and wine glass charms, bead embellishments can be added.  Also I make dragon eggs in various sizes and colors. These can be earrings (though heavy), pendants, and the larger sizes as knickknacks.  You can choose from pre-made items or I can work with you for something more custom. Custom items will take 2-3 weeks to complete depending on the items and will be discussed with the order.  Below are a small number of completed items as examples.


Supernatural  Necklace $14

Hero/Villain Earrings $9

Wine Glass Charms $30


Dragon Egg Earrings $12 – Dragon Egg Pendant $20 – Dragon Egg Set $40 – Small Dragon Egg with Stand $30


Dragon Egg Large with Stand (decorated or not) – $45


Mermaid Earrings $12 –  Pendant Only $10 –  Necklace $20

Shipping costs—–

$2.66 shipping on small paper items and mermaid jewelry

$3.18 egg earrings/pendant

$4.82 on bigger paper sets

$6.40 for large dragon eggs

For other shopping opportunities including: mermaid jewelry, knitted items, watercolor postcards, and more beaded and paper jewelry please visit my Etsy store:



Happy New Year!

LSG ad 191208Well, Christmas is over.  We all got together last night to ring in the new year.  This has been a long one for many of us, and 2020 already shows every sign of having it’s share of joys and sorrows.

Liz has been working hard to restock the Beaded Bell ornaments, our best seller this year.  (top row pictured to the right)

We’ll be keeping those in the shop for a little while, but not too long.  If you miss your chance you can always purchase  PDF directions to make them.

Clip and Wire

We’ve also ventured into a new (to us) kind of earrings, clips!  Liz’s newest creation is available in both clip-ons and wires.

These are available separately, but I think they’d be fantastic as a mother daughter gift set!


I hope the coming year brings you much joy, and good friends and loved ones to lean on when the sorrows come your way.

I can’t believe I didn’t post this before…

Yes, Virginia, there are Christmas ornaments in the shop!

LSG ad 191208
Christmas gift ideas too!
LSG ad 191110

I think I owe word of explanation – I started a new day job in September. Jill, Liz and I (mostly Liz, these days) are still producing new things. I’m still uploading on a quasi weekly basis, but I’ve obviously dropped the ball on blogging about it. Please accept my apologies, and I hope you enjoy what you see.

Project #723,771

After Avengers Endgame and all the metas about timelines and AU ideas for changing the ending, I have come to a state of acceptance (and fic diving will be commencing shortly). At some point I ran across this text art on Twitter. I have no idea of who the original maker was and no idea on how to find them so – my thanks for the inspiration goes out into the universe.

I saw the text and originally pictured it with color because if it can’t be shiny/sparkly than it has to be colorful (preferably both). I originally played with the idea in PaintShop but I wasn’t happy with the result so I’m using that attempt as a reference.

I found some heavy paper and an unused frame which will be unsuitable for my quilling. I was originally going to do this with watercolors but…. 1) I only have a cheap palette with 8 colors (from the dollar store), 2) I’m not good with watercolors- no practice, and 3) the paper isn’t really great for watercolors – a test strip showed it soaked up more water and buckled more than I liked and with the cheap paint it would have need a lot of paint and water. Then I found that I had a large selection of watercolor pencils. YAY!!! I love working with colored pencils so now I can really control the colors, blending, shading and saturation and the watercolor function uses less water than the cheap paints.

I marked out an area for text and lines and then wrote the text all in light pencil. I was going to paint the background first and then ink but that would have had me erasing the pencil lines through the color, so no. I inked everything and erased the lines and then realized I should take pics and make a blog post – ah well, you didn’t need to see all the pencil lines did you?

After this it’s going to be coloring, blending, wetting and the finishing. There will be pictures of the stages.

……Several days later……
So. I was mostly pleased with my coloring but I went way too heavy with the black. I was going to roll with it until I realized that the water to make the watercolor effect was making the marker that I used for the ink text run and smudge as I brushed over it to wet the color. It wasn’t too obvious on the upper half but looks like crap on the bottom half. I hate it. Attempt three will be forthcoming with more pics. I will either have to go back to the idea of using faint pencil and inking after or using ballpoint instead of marker. There shall be more testing first.


……time passes – I get distracted by something else……
So test results show that my best choice will be ballpoint as I can’t get the pencil to erase as much as I’d like. Now to decide if I stick with my block handwriting or try something more decorative.

…… time passes – life interferes……
I decided instead to use a fancy font, so I made a doc after a LOT of trial and error (as I have over 150 fonts) and printed it out on the heavy paper. The recolor with the watercolor pencils commenced, much lighter this time, with little pockets of more intense color. The printed ink didn’t run, though I held my breath through the first swipe.

After I was done and let it dry under flattening, I went for the final finishing touch. I realized that I was so concerned about the font – I forgot to mark my measuring dots so I had to do that after the color but…. Any way I’m pretty happy with my placement of the Infinity Stones.

I’m not sure I like the frame now in the final result. I may decide to cut a thin strip off the bottom and tape it to the top to move things down from the edge of the frame.
But as it is I’m happy and calling it done.


Stranger Things Season 3

As neither Jill nor Liz have seen this one yet in its entirety, I’m adding a spoiler cut for this one.  In the vaguest possible terms, it’s still very good, but there are definitely choices which I feel could have made it much better.  Primarily, adding more characters we care about should have meant more episodes, but they kept it to 8.    This meant some characters were left behind (Mr. Clarke only has a single appearance, but, to be fair, it’s the summer holiday).

As my husband has pointed out, Scoops Ahoy! could easily have been Baskin Robbins.  (Baskin Robbins noted this too).

A recurring motif this season has to do with sexism and female empowerment.  Stop cringing, guys, it’s not a ‘all men are hateful’ sort of thing, and there’s no ‘#MeToo’ moment.  Nancy is definitely harassed at her workplace, but the sexual element is fairly mild (the guys are just sexist jerks).

A nice bit is that the final episode of the show has the world reacting to the weird events in Hawkins.  It even ties in the D&D and Satanic Panics which were around during the period.

Liz and Jill (and anyone else who is concerned) plot points follow after the cut.

Continue reading “Stranger Things Season 3”

Fan Language

It occurred to me after the vid post that I used some common fan terms that people might not be familiar with. I learned it slowly as it developed and came into usage much in the same manner that text speak was invented and evolved.

Like text language – there’s way too much to cover here but I thought I’d give you a list of the major terms. Some I’m just going to mention as they may have come up before. Definitions have been collected from a half dozen websites or my own explanation. For further exploration go to: https://fanlore.org/wiki/Category:Glossary

Canon – the official product, what is produced by Hollywood, Marvel, DC, J. K. Rowling, Tolkien, A. C. Doyle, G. R. R. Martin, etc. (canon is originally from the Greek kanōn, ‘rule’, and was first incorporated into English – via Latin – with the sense ‘a rule, law, or decree of the Church’)

Headcanon – refers to an individual’s interpretation of canon they make to explain or account for some aspect of the actual canon

Fanon – which is what the luckiest of headcanons grow up to be: unofficial conventions, character traits, or theories that are widely and casually accepted as true by the fandom. As an example a character without a first name given in the show have names given in the fic and one of these become fanon. This has happened in both The Sentinel and Teen Wolf fandoms though the characters’ names in TW were revealed before the show ended. A lot of fans still prefer the fanon name they got used to.

OTP – One True Pairing, i.e., the characters you will ship together forever. You usually have one OTP per fandom but you can have as many OTPs as you have fandoms. Or you can have one and just the one that takes over your life. For example – I have OTPs in The Sentinel, Highlander, Teen Wolf, The Hobbit, Hannibal, Bond films (Craig), Stargate SG-1, Merlin, Sherlock, The Magicians, etc. Alternatively, you have fandoms where you prefer a certain pairing but are willing to entertain others. These are fandoms like (for me): Potter, MCU, NCIS, and Criminal Minds where you have a large number of characters to mix and match from. Though in MCU, you will find some serious believers in only Stony or Stucky as OTP if you want to get into those debates.

OT3 – One True Threesome or Foursome or whatever number you need. This is not as rare in fandom as you might suppose. It is fiction after all. Also you can, depending on the pairing, work a third in with no trouble. So – OT3s that were almost canon or can be easily gotten to from canon: Hardison/Parker/Eliot from Leverage, Peter/Neal/Elizabeth from White Collar, (she was such a fabulous wife in that show that fans hated to break up the marriage so…), Poe/Finn/Rey, Will Turner/Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann, PepperStony (Pepper/Tony/Steve), Stuckony (Steve/Bucky/Tony), I know- the ship names can be killer, and Stark Spangled Banner (Tony/Steve/Bruce) which is honestly the best ship name EVER. And then threesomes that were because you like the OTP but you can see them with someone else. So like you are a Quentin/Eliot (Queliot) shipper but you like them with Margo, or you are all for Destiel (Dean/Castiel) but hey throw in some Sam occasionally (Wincestiel).

Fix-it – type of fanfiction in which a problematic element of canon is corrected

AU – ‘alternate universe’ refers to fanworks that transpose characters into a world other than the canonical one. But this is a very simplistic definition and I covered it in an earlier blog post.

WIP – work-in-progress or an unfinished story being posted chapter by chapter as it’s written

PWP – Plot? What plot? which is what the label says. No plot just sexy times. Also it can be interpreted as porn-without-plot

Het – Short for “heterosexual,” this term refers to pairings involving a straight male/female couple

Slash – male/male pairings, usually non-canonical male/male pairings. The term originates from classic Star Trek fandom; early fans who shipped Kirk and Spock stylized the ship name as “Kirk/Spock,” which led to calling the whole genre “slash.” With “Femslash” describing the other female/female pairings

Gen/Genfic – No pairings other than friendship or what is presented in the original

RPF and RPS– “real person fiction” and “real person slash” is fiction using the actors rather than the characters, which fans of have to be sure and remember that it is FICTION.

OOC – out-of-character is character in a piece of fanfiction is doing something at odds with the way the reader expected them to behave, based on their personality as presented by the source material.

MPREG – male pregnancy commonly used in magical fandoms like Potter, etc and A/B/O universes

A/B/O – Alpha/Beta/Omega was invented by a fan in a kinkfest and has taken on a life of its own. There are 6 genders: male Alpha, female Alpha, etc. where a character is usually referred to as male with the alpha portion as a “secondary gender characteristic” All Omegas can get pregnant and female Betas as well. Alphas are usually the exaggeration of alpha characteristics: tall, powerful, physically big and strong, super aggressive, super possessive and having a penis with an expandable knot. Omegas are supposed to be gentle, smaller, nurturing, submissive, needing children, comforting and control and produce slick or lubrication for mating. Betas are middle of the road normal standard human. Usually the couple is linked with a bonding bite to the neck which changes body chemistry and are attracted by distinctive personal scents/pheromones. Omegas have Heats and alphas have Ruts which are sexual frenzies for breeding usually noted by other chemosignals/scents. Universes usually explore slavery concepts, bucking the system, rewriting the rules, etc. The Alphas can be the top of society or the Omegas can depending on the rules the writer set. Also the character can be atypical of their gender which causes issues. There are not nearly so many fics written (or that I have read) dealing with female alphas so my knowledge of the mythology there is pretty much zero.

Meta– This is non-fiction writing about canon or other fanworks usually opinions on episodes, plot points like time-travel, plot holes, character decisions or even things like quills versus normal pens for Potter. Good metas can become headcanon or fanon.

Recs– Short for “recommendation.” Reccing other people’s fanwork is a long and valued fandom tradition

Kink – refers to an unusual element of a story that some authors and readers find especially pleasing, but which others may consider squicks, vary from mild (PG-13) to extreme (NC-17), often but not always consist of sexual acts (food porn, blow-jobs, cross-dressing, massage, shaving, etc.), and should be listed in the author’s warnings

Squick – possibly offensive elements (ie: bestiality, abuse, rape, torture, slavery, suicide, etc…) of a story which may cause feelings of unease or revulsion in a reader, and should be listed in the author’s warnings usually called “Trigger Warnings”. Likely derived from the combination of the word “squeamish” and the slang term “icky.”

Stan – a hardcore, obsessively enthusiastic fan; a portmanteau of the words stalker and fan and is the name of an obsessed fan in the Eminem song of the same name

BAMF – Bad Ass Mother Fucker refers to a character that is particularly awesome and impressive, extremely clever, effective, and hard to defeat. BAMFs may be male or female, stereotypically heroic or unexpectedly amazing, consistently so or just during brief moments. Also called a “competency kink”

Dub-Con – Dubious Consent refers to the presence of borderline non-consensual sexual contact within a story, whether implied or described

Jossed or Kripked – stories or ideas, originally intended to be canonical, which have become AU only after-the-fact because the canon material continued on and went down a different path than the fanfiction author expected (from Joss Whedon and Eric Kripke)


I was inspired one day by a post on Pintrest showing beaded suncatchers. I looked at my boxes of unused beads and gemstone chips and said, “New Project!!!” This one that I’m sharing is actually my third and I failed to take pictures of the other two. Sorry.

The first one was Avengers themed for my fic buddy Kim’s birthday. I researched all the hero’s color schemes and made each strand to represent one hero. I ended up with 16 strands because a) it was getting ridiculously big and b) the Guardians were very difficult to individually pin to a color scheme. I asked my father if he would be kind enough to drill me 18 holes in a nice piece of wood I found in his scrap pile. A few days later he rather sheepishly handed me the wood with the holes in a decidedly not straight line down the center. His second attempt was better.

I arrayed my beads around me dug from the depths of the spare room and the reference colors I had researched (mostly from the movies not the comics uniforms) and set to it. I was not prepared for how many people wear versions of red, black and silver/gray. SO, then I used a heavy hemp twine to make the hanging support and made the Avengers “A in a circle” logo to hang on clear filament from the apex. I thought it came out fabulous and Kim loved it. For size reference the wood support was about 8 inches long and the strands were about 10 inches.

The second I made for a friend who had been going through some rough times. I asked for a support about 4 inches long and Dad used teak – so I sealed it with mineral oil for the color. She likes to meditate and has a mixture of ideas and beliefs so I decided to use the theme of the seven Chakras. Each chakra corresponds to a color of the rainbow so I printed out the colored chakra symbols and made paper coins out of them.

Among my plastic and glass beads I have a large amount of real gemstone chips from jewelry making ages ago. Imagine my delight finding that I didn’t have to buy anything new. I strung the 7 stands with mostly gemstones and some plastic and glass beads to highlight the colors and ended each strand with the chakra disk. I also collated the spiritual meanings of each stone. I strung it with the hemp again and hung a “mermaid” shell from the apex. She was deeply touched and I liked it so much I decided to make another for myself ‘cause it was pretty.

So here are the photos on mine in progress using the same teak wood base and another “mermaid” shell and two extra color strands because why not since I’m not adhering to the chakra theme.

If you’re interested the gems I’m using are rose quartz, garnet, goldstone (gold and blue), citrine, tiger’s eye, peridot, malachite, tourmaline (pink and green), blue topaz, iolite, amethyst, clear quartz, hematite and pearl (natural white and dyed).

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